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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Kerala prawn roast

Kerala prawn roast

Kerala prawn roast
The recipe is the same as for egg roast, but just substitued the eggs with fresh shrimps. This turned out to be one of the best prawn dish that i had cooked! It was spicy due to the addition of crushed peppercorns and at the same time the prawns added their natural sweetness to the dish. The prawns have to be cooked with just a sprinkling of water . The recipe for egg roast is here . Moreover i cooked it in virgin coconut oil and OMG the taste was just awesome.
I loved it so much that i am planning to repeat it this sunday , but make it a bit more like a dry gravy! Does it make sense to you??!
Edited on 29/7/12 to add:
 Okay, like i had told you, i ended up cooking a slightly dry version of the shrimps roast and it was a hit!! Everything was over during lunch time itself, that i had to cook some more for dinner!! And for once the Poor eater was happy that i was once  again cooking some more prawns for dinner!!;))

 The batch that i had cooked for dinner ( photo below)!

 I guess it is the addition of virgin coconut oil that makes all the difference!



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