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Monday, December 19, 2016

Windowsill gardening - Mango seedling!!:)

SUNDAY, JULY 04, 2010

Windowsill gardening - Mango seedling!!:)

Pakistani honey mango seedling!:)

Windowsill gardening - Mango seedling!!:)
I had seen many sites on the internet explaining how to grow a mango plant from seed. Was tempted to try it out, for moreover the mango seedlings sold in the nursery were very expensive, not worth the money spent, just to have it as an indoor plant! The 'Poor eater' had bought a box of Pakistani honey mangoes. After eating the fruits, i set aside the seeds to dry for a few weeks . If you want to know , why a few weeks?? Because i usually do all the gardening work on sundays only, but with the lovely weather, gardening was the last thing on my mind! There were more important things to do, like having a siesta after a heavy meal;) So the seeds continued to dry for a few weeks!! Finally when i had planted them, i had very little hope that they would grow, because they were already looking like they had rotted a bit around the edges. After planting them, for the first few days, i used to eagerly inspect the pot to see if they had sprouted, but then when i saw that there were no signs of life even after two weeks, i lost interest in them & completely forgot about it. Then one fine day as i was watering the drumstick tree , i saw that one seed had grown into a seedling, followed by the second one, two weeks later:)

The second mango seedling:)

Today i repotted the plants in bigger pots. While pulling out the first plant, i accidently ended up pulling the roots & the seed apart!:o Now after having repotted it in another bigger pot, i am keeping my fingers crossed , hoping that it would continue to grow.
My mom is convinced that the first plant would not grow but will wither away! Her arguement , "you have seperated the baby from the mother, so it will surely die"! Hmmmm.....


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