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Monday, December 19, 2016

Honeymoon fruit salad!!:))

TUESDAY, JUNE 23, 2009

Honeymoon fruit salad!!:))

Honeymoon fruit salad!!:))
There was this small restaurant 'A'( and the only one where you could go in and eat as a family) in my hometown which served this & it was the most expensive dish on the menu! The salad was served in a HUGE oversizedice cream cup(it really was huge, for i had never been able to finish it even once while i was there!) ! The fruit salad also contained jelly cubes, scoops of two to three different flavours of ice cream & was served with two ice cream wafers struck on each side! I have tried to recreate the recipe based on my memory of this dish!


Fruit cocktail - 1 can, sweetened condensed milk( Milkmaid) - 1/2 can ( adjust to taste), heavy cream - 1/4 cup, rose milk syrup - 4 tsps, toasted almond flakes - 3 tbsps, toasted cashewnuts - 1 tbsps, orange - 1, raisins - 1 tsp, home made milk ice cream - 1 large scoop, candied cherries - to decorate, nata de coco - a handful, green grapes - a handful (opt), maango - 1, cubed(opt)
Empty the fruit cocktail alongwith its syrup into a large bowl. Then add the condensed milk , orange segments, grapes, mango cubes & cream, stir till everything is well blended & allow to chill in the refrigerator for about 3 hours. This is the basic fruit salad . You can serve it simply as it is with a scoop of your favourite ice cream , which is what i do whenever i am pressed for time!

To serve:
In an individual ice cream cup, first pour in about 3 ladles of the fruit salad, top with a big scoop of milk ice cream, garnish with almond flakes, cashewnuts, raisins, drizzle 4 tsps of the rose milk syrup & decorate with a candied cherry & serve.



Blogger Kay said...
Paati, fruit salad-a? :D Enjoyyy!
6/25/2009 10:25:00 PM  
Blogger paati said...
kay i made this a long time back, before i had to pay attention to what i put into my mouth!;))
6/26/2009 08:34:00 PM  
Blogger Kay said...
Illa paati, saapidarathai pathi sollala. We all make and enjoy what foods we like.

Indha recipe-ku peru fruit-salada apdinnu ore siripu than! :) Fruits taking a nice long, luxurious bath in icecream is more like it! :D
6/26/2009 09:07:00 PM  
Blogger paati said...
fruits taking a luxurious bath in ice cream!:)lol but honestly kay namma ooru-ila fruit salad means with ice cream its understood, but here they serve just some chopped fruits in a bowl & call it fruit salad!!:)
6/27/2009 04:16:00 PM  

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