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Monday, December 19, 2016

Vadouvam made from scratch!

SUNDAY, JULY 01, 2012

Vadouvam made from scratch!

Vadouvam made from scratch!
Though i get my yearly stock of vadavoum from my amma, this year i have decided to try it out at home and moreover i have got to use the dehydrator which is gathering dust in the cupboard!!

 Had bookmarked menaga's recipe a longtime back, but only now i got around to trying it out in my kitchen! I will upload the photos later on . Thanks Menaga for sharing such a traditional recipe.
Pearl onions - 2 kgs ( i have used these), turmeric pwd - 50 gms, mustard seeds - 100 gms, urad dal -100 gms, fenugreek seeds - 100 gms, salt - 1/2 kg, garlic - 3/4 kg, cumin seeds - 100 gms, curry leaves - a bunch ( one kothu), nal ennai or castor oil - 50 gms.
Peel the onions and blend just once ( coarsely) in the mixie and tranfer them to a large plastic box or clay vessel. Rinse the mixie jar with a little water and add to the crushed onions. Now add the turmeric and salt  ( only if it is very salty , it will not get spoilt) and mix well . Close the box and let rest at room temperature for 2 days.

On the third day, add the mustard, urad dal, fenugreek, cleaned curry leaves, garlic crushed with their skins on and mix well and allow to marinate thus for another 2 days.
After 2 days, take the onions out, squeeze out all the water, shape into balls & dry on a plastic sheet. In the evening put the onions back into the same water left in the box.
Continue this process , ie: shaping into balls, drying and putting it back into the water, until all the water has dried up.
When the onion is completely dry ( it should be pola pola endru) to tou├Ęch, add the oil, mix and shape into balls and store in an airtight jar.
Vadouvam started on 1/7/ 12

Finished vadouvam  10/7/12
Updated on 10/7/12:  I added a little more oil than what she had said, but i was still unable to form balls  like the traditional vadouvam. And moreover my vadouvam was a bit crispy, since i had dried it like  said in the recipe, 'pola pola' ! 

 Vadouvam kari with my homemade vadouvam!:)

My amma says that maybe i am unable to form balls, since i had dried it in my dehydrator and not outdoors! Will use it tomorrow to cook some vadouvam kari and will let you know about its taste ;)

Vadouvam kari with my homemade vadouvam!:)
Verdict: The vadouvam was very aromatic when fried and also tasted good in this vadouvam kari , which is a speciality of my hometown!:) But just be careful with the salt, since the vadouvam is already very salty .

HOORAY!!! I can now use vadouvam to my heart's content in my cooking without having to worry about my depleting stock of vadouvam!!:)) 


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