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Monday, December 19, 2016

Ginger - garlic paste made the retro way!:)

SUNDAY, JULY 07, 2013

Ginger - garlic paste made the retro way!:)

Ginger - garlic paste made the retro way!:)
My Preethi mixie had died the other day. At first i was feeling a bit lost without my mixer grinder, but then i remembered this small ammi kal that my sister had got me from one of her trips to mahabalipuram. So used this to grind some ginger - garlic paste. After 10 mins, i was rewarded with thick ginger - garlic paste ( about 2 tbsps each).

Ginger paste being ground

Garlic paste being ground


Then i couldn't help grinding some thick red oconut chutney to have with my idlis! Okay, i got around just 1 tbsp of chutney! But the taste sure made up for the quantity!:)


Blogger Karthika said...
Wow... Ammikal. I bet the dishes tasted awesome with ammikal ground GG paste. I think I should try it with guacamole stone thingy we bought recently.
7/11/2013 09:29:00 PM  
Blogger paati said...
and not to forget that it is a very good exercise to tone our upperarms!;)))as for the taste, the chutney tasted super good,reminded me of my childhood days watching the maid grind the chutneu for breakfast:)
7/12/2013 05:03:00 PM  


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