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Sunday, December 18, 2016

The day started on a wrong note....


The day started on a wrong note....

The day started on a wrong note......Wondering what's the connection between this photo & the title of my post? well... i didn't have an appropriate photo for this post , and we all know very well that most of the time ,it is the photo that serves as eye candy & pulls one's attention to read the message below! I went through my stock of food photos ,but nothing caught my fancy. So i did what i normally do! Stole a photo from C 's camera & it was after that i had downloaded it on to my page , i realised that the photo reflected the thoughts that i wanted to convey on my blog!( you are a genius paati! hey this is my blog, so i can write what i want! heh, heh, heh). You dont follow me ? I have already mentioned in my previous post that today was my dad's 70th birthday. The first thing i did today as soon as i jumped out of bed , was to grab the phone & call my father! But you know what happened ?The phone went on ringing , but no one was picking up the phone on the other end. A tad bit disappointed , i consoled myself saying maybe they had gone out somewhere & i could call them half an hour later. So after my morning cup of tea, i ring them up again , no response on the other end, only the hollow ringing of the phone re vibrated in my ears. I was a vee bit disappointed because i had so looked forward to speaking with my dad! Waited until lunchtime & then rang them up again, but it was the same old scene repeating itself, i could hear the telephone ringing but no one was picking it up on the other end!! Now my disappointment turned to anger , So i sent a few SMS to my brothers & they told me that they had already wished dad( i was just one hour behind them in calling up my father!) & brother A told me not to worry & that they were all fine over there. Angry & disappointed, i was in no mood to even cook lunch!Just had yesterday's leftovers of chicken fried rice& and a slice of the birthday cake for dessert! Tried once more but it was the same old story! Thought of surfing the net to kill time till i could make the next call. Now i had placed an order for a recipe book on & had already paid for it. I log on to their site to see where exactly is my book & what do i see!! They have not even processed my order!& tomorrow is supposed to be the last date to receive the book, but upto now nothing! & the postman has already finished his rounds for today!I dont even have a clue as to whether they have cashed in my cheque or not. This really stinks! They dont even have a phone number or anything to contact them! I furiously dashed off an e-mail to them asking them when exactly i would receive the book? But i am yet to receive a reply. If this is how they work then this is going to be the first & the last time that i am going to buy something from their site! Suddenly i hear the telephone ringing, i run to pick it up & i am surprised to hear my father's voice! I happily wished him & he explained to me that their phone was not working & so he was ringing me up from an std booth!( he said that he really missed not talking to his chinna ponnu( thats me),& so had called me up:) That really made my day. Only after i had talked to my parents, i was at peace .My anger vanished & now i am happily back to doing what i usually do ie:planning to cook something special for dinner & blog about it! As for, I will wait until tomorrow & see how it goes & if there is still no reply from them , i am going to cancel out my order & get it from some other place! So the day that started on a wrong note turned on to the right track & everything is back to normal in Paati's world!!!


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