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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Dosai kal wiper!;))

Dosai kal wiper!;))
At home my amma had a homemade cloth dumpling to wipe the dosai kal before pouring each dosai. In my house, i used the kitchen towel to wipe the dosai pan before pouring each dosai!

Then one day i asked my mother to make a similar cloth one for me too !So she took one of my dad's clean veshthi ( Long live Appa!:)) , & made a similar one for me too. She also bought me a small stailess steel dhabba( exactly like the one that she has) & placed it inside & gave it to me;)

Then one day we had gone out to buy a new vessel to celebrate moondru raja pongal & there we saw this cute looking thing!

We asked the shop keeper as to what it was & the shop keeper explained that it was to wipe the dosai kal while making dosais. Both of us got one each, my mom got a green one & she got the pink one for me.

That was really sweet of her to buy it for me , for she knows that i love collecting things like that in my kitchen!:) And each time i use these in my kitchen, i am reminded of my amma & appa;)


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