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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Multi layered ham sandwich rolls!

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Multi layered ham sandwich rolls!

Multi layered ham sandwich rolls!
This is one of the easiest sandwich recipe. In just 5 mins, you can sit down for a lunch of hot bakery/deli style ham sandwich rolls, healthy & filling at the same time!:) The seeds add a delightful crunch to the rolls .


Multi layered sandwich rolls - 4, ham slices - 2, , pickled gherkins - 8 , sliced , grated cheddar cheese - 1/4 cup, butter - a few pats.

Cut each sandwich roll into 3 layers( but don't cut them all the way through, all the 3 layers should be still attached together). Butter the bread slices, place half a slice of ham on each layer, sprinkle some cheddar cheese, top with the sliced gherkins & garnish with some more cheddar cheese on top. Place the prepared sandwiches on a parchement paper lined baking tray & grill for 5 mins. Serve immediately.

Serve these crunchy & cheesy sandwich rolls with a can of chilled coke!:)


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