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Sunday, December 18, 2016

The new entrant into my kitchen!;)


The new entrant into my kitchen!;)

The new entrant into my kitchen!;)
For you guys following my blog , i guess you all will be familiar with my love for breadmachines! I already have the rolls royce among the breadmachines, yes, that is how they refer to it here!;) But then during Easter had gone to my thambua's house and saw this mini breadmachine on their counter. My SIL said that she used it just for kneading the dough for chappatis.

As soon as i saw it, i completely fell in love with it, especially the mini pan, with which i could bake mini loaves just enough for our lunch . And when  M told me that it was available on Amazon easily, i was all the more determined to get it. As soon as i had come back home, i went online to buy it , but unfortunaely it wasn't available on the Amazon here! So after a few days had completely forgotten about it. So imagine my surprise and joy , when they gave me one as a present for my wedding anniversay;))

 So here it is in my kitchen and my mind is already brimming with ideas of the various combinations of mini loaves that i can try out in it:) You might ask me the question as to why couldn't i try out these combinations in my trusted rolls royce! The answer is very simple, whenever i bake a normal size loaf, we eat a few slices and then lose interest in the bread. So the rest will be thrown into the bin. But with the mini loaves, you only get about 2 slices each and then it is over!:) And that makes it all the more interesting and also more delish !!!;)) Thanks you thambua and M !:))


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